So we arrived at the Ravla Kempur after a very interesting train ride. It was quite an experience getting on. Its difficlut to know which cart you need to get on. So when the train arrived we jogged down the platform. However, We clearly didnt jog fast enough, as by the time we reach 8 cars down, and it wasnt ours, the train started moving. A friendly business man told us to just get on. Which was a schlep again, as we had our backpacks on. The train ride itself was unexciting as it was. They donot tell you what station you are near, so it was kinda a guestimate. Also they dont tell you that you are running late. So when we had to get off at a small junction station, We had to pop our head out of the door and shout to the locals asking what station we were at. We almost got off one juntion too early as we had to wait for another train to pass first.


When we got off we quickly found a taxi to take us to the Hotel. The hotel was in a little town called Ravla. and it was called the Ravla Kehmpur. Which was basically the chief of the villages’ house. We were greeted swiftly and offered breakfast. They made a spicey omlette.  We were also asked not to take photos as they were building the set for the Second shooting of the Marigold hotel. Anna and I deceided to have another nap, as we decided to make this a quiet leg of our trip.


After our nap we were given lunch. Which was a vegetarian dish. But they were very friendly and it was tasty. Dessert was interesting. We at first through it was a fruity dish with Tomatos in it, but turned out to be carrots boiled in sugar and milk. And I think they added some ground corn to it. We had a walk through the local town which was a tiny little village. Very poor and the locals having a small plot that they would farm on. When we got got back we went for a bit of a horse ride. A child world came to mind after this ride through the fields  that reminded me of the Karoo. My Holbeen was seer. hahaha.  We arrived back, had another chill session. before they served us dinner on the roof.  This was romantishesq. The next morning we had breakfast,  and begged the films artistic director if we could take a photo just for  a memory. We were allowed to take a photo from outside the room norman lived in and had his showered. We took a cab into udaipur.


Udaipur has a special feel to it. We arrived through markets which reminded us of nepal. The tuctuc dropped us off in the centre of the tourist area. We walked, Found the lake, and fell in love with this place. We took a boat trip on the lake. While we were there, anna said she wished we stayed here for a couple of days more.  By the time we reached land we had the price of tickets. Headed over to the rail station to cancel our train tickets. and that was that. We made our way back to the city, knocked on some hotel doors and ended finding a little hotel next to the lake. We had sunset drinks (home mixed coke and whiskey) on the roof patio. Life was good.
The morning we slept in, Anna and I had a lovely chat about life, the universe and girls. We chatted about the future, the past and just  generally chilled. We then went hunting for a little bakery for breakfast. As life goes, when you arnt looking for something you find many of then, but when you actually want it, you cant find it. We ended up having pancakes and tea. While having this we struck up a conversation with british chap, and then a lady who moved here seven years ago chipped in.WEe ended up having a lovely chat about the locals, the differences in culture and how friendly people here are. Charlie is going to go work on a farm for a month. Where they basically give you accomodation and food in exchange for working the farm. The lady was writing a book titled, “Starting a business in India” Which journals her starting of a small restaurant in Udaipur. She even reached the Top of longely planet six months down the line. Im really looking forward to reading her book.
We took a walk down to the Ropeway and got ourselves tickets for the evening, And now we are having a cain and coke and a brandy and coke.  We have befriended a local argentinian lady who is going to come with us to the rope way.  She is still afriad of everything local so us “experienced travelers” are helping her. Hahahaha. The Cable car was beautiful. The view amazing. Udaipur is a lot bigger than we thought it was. But amazingly beautiful. We Had sunset at the top of the hill and then headed down for lunch with Silvina.
The british lady we met recommended this restaurant. Which was an experience and a half. Its kinda like a buffet. But they come and serve you at the table and there are a bunch locals running around filling  your plate with what ever you need. The flavours were spectacular. Everyone should visit it. Wonder if a place like that could work in durban?
We then rushed to a cultural show. It was pretty. and the dancers were really skilled. I loved how band banter is something that is common across all cultures. The band were crying with laughter at points. It had everything from puppet shows to Dancing to pot balancing on the heads.
Without a doubt, staying in Udaipur was the best decision we have made so far. Life is beautiful. People are beautiful. Soul is happy.

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