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13Jan 14

The start of india was a bit of a faux pas. But turned nice :)

We arrived happily at our hotel Friday night. Was a nice hotel, with a minibar, so we had some snacks and hit the bed. I then realised that the trains are all overbooked and delayed due to the monsoon. So I had to make a planB. This entailed us booking a bus. Right. So busses leave from one terminal. I assumed this was a terminal where we could do something. But it was not. It was a gigantic bus stand. So we lost the morning…


The bus drive was nice, but took an hour longer than anticipated. We arrived there at dark, and we didnt know to get off the bus at the beginning of Agra, so had to take a tuctuc for 40 minutes. I did not think wearing a jacket was suited. So I was cold. And people know when Im cold its REALLY cold.

Hotel there was nice. We had chicken Korma for dinner. Very flavourfull. We hit the bed with the idea of getting the sunrise at the Taj Mahal.

so at quarter to seven we left the hotel to go and see the Sun rise. But wait. Its foggy. So foggy that you have visibility of about 10m. Sigh. But the fog will lift? Nay. We did the tour of the Taj. And we couldnt see the Taj Completely :( Even when standing infront of it we couldnt.


So we took a cab back to delhi. And Arrived at family friends of Annas. This is where India turned for the positive. The people are nice. And they are all academics (so I feel at home, considering my mom is one). They are Basically work on teaching methodologies and acting as a feedback loop in the teaching system.

The next day, we are going to hit a craft market. Anna is really excited about this. And tuesday, we will be doing a day long tour of the city. Organise by the city for 200INR. Its a bargain as you get to like 8 major places.On an Airconditioned bus. Looking forward to this. Anyhow, will check in with happy stories tomorrow!

Tonight, We are excited about dinner, why? Because it will be familiar food. Thats home cooked. It doesnt even contain meat and Im extatic! Veg lasagne! We then watched the marigold hotel, and I played some chess. One match lost, one drew.

The next morning we slept in a bit. We have traveled quite a bit the last couple of days. We headed into Delhi and visited a craft market. Nothing really tickled me there.


After that we headed into old delhi. We did this by the metro. What a pleasure. Busy, but clean and fast. We had a rikshaw tour  for like Rs400. He took us to three smaller markets, a tea shop, and Karims, a small little indian food den tucked away in a random little alley. The food was tasty, But a bit too much rice for my liking. Both Anna and I bought Masala Tea, and chocolate tea. I am looking forward to trying that when I am home.


Traffic home was quite funny. There are lots of strange vehicles traveling like this one


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