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11Jan 14

So this morning we paid for a tour through the mountains and two temples.


Before we left, we went for a walk and had our laundry done. We then had breakfast and found the rooftop of the building we are staying in. The view is magnificent


We started off by visiting Batpur. This is an old city, about 600 years old. The city is in the shape of a pidgeon with a wall right around it. There are various Hindi temples there. It was a combination of beautiful, buzzing with people, Yet extremely poor. A boy there asked us to buy him a school book. He is either a good conartist or a boy who wants to go places in the world. Im praying its the latter. He had a good grasp of the english language, And knew some things about the world because when we said we were from south africa he immediately responded with Wakka Wakka.

We then headed off to the Monkey temple. This is an ancient buddist temple. I expected to see some buddhists there, But there were only tourists.


We left there to do a small trek across the mountains. It took us across probably three mountain ranges and 12 odd km. It was very similar to trekking in the transkei as there were lots of rural villages around. This was probably the second most brilliant thing of our tour in nepal. We had a guide taking us through so we didnt get lost. There was a taxi waiting for us when we reached the other side. Unfortunately it was cloudy and moggy so we did not see the sunset we had hoped for on the peaks.. But it was beautiful none the less.


When we got back we met up with a friend of Annas mom. At first it was a bit akward but pretty soon we were chatting about everything. He took us to a local restaurant where we had Chicken MoMo and Banna Lassi. It was very similar to what we have had in China.
The next morning after breakfast from the hotel, madur came and fetched us and took us to a school he voulenteered. This is a “free” School. Free as in beer. They teach the children, give them love, give them fun. And feed them atleast once a day. They get a school uniform aswell. They target the local kids of labourers and Beggars, who often could not afford to feed them at home even. Most of these kids missed the traditional schooling period, so their classes are mixed over a wide age group, where you have a 9 year old in kindergarden etc. They only teach till Class 5, But their class 5 math is on the level of our grade 8 or nines. These people are kind at heart. They would give us the shirts off their backs if we asked them. The school runs on a minute Budget. Approximately R7500 per month. And yet they provide education for nearly 250 kids. That includes rent, salaries, Food and electricity. And I feel they give the kids an education that they want. Everyone seemed to want to be there. When the school is in financial difficulty, the teachers even loan the school money. These people make one feel so humble. I hope to make a small donation to them once I am back in South africa and have checked my finances. If between anna and I hope we can get enough to support them for a month. They Fed us a lovely vegetable curry.
img_3612This photo summarized the school best to me
After this Madur took us to a local Bakery Cafe. Its a fairly mainstream chain here in Nepal. there are about 6 of them in kathmandu. But this one was different. They employed deaf staff. And I dont mean one or two deaf people. There were only one or two speaking people, The Manager, The Head Chef and the security guard. I think we should get more stores like these. They teach people acceptance of one another. That is probably the thing I feel most humbled by the fact that no matter what your ethnicity, Religion, or disablity is, You will be accepted, and made feel human.
I would love to bring some people from south africa here one day. Maybe teachers. They would probably gain the most by a trip here. Their schooling system does so much with so little. And everyone seems happy. They are a close nit family. Everyone helps everyone.

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