Arriving in Kathmandu

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8Jan 14

This must be on the top of the strangest experiences Ive had coming into a new country. As we had to to take an unexpected cab, so we forgot to draw fresh USD for the visa. At Mumbai there was no forex in the terminal where we were. So when we arrived we had to get cash. But the forex place before passport control could not handle cards. So they sent us to the atm. Which was in the public road. So we passed customs and everything sans a visa. It was a funny experience. We then got back and had to pay  and went through everything again. Odd. In most places if you get that far through they would have shot at us.


Our hotel included airport pickup, so it was very easy for us to find our place. When we arrived, the hotel manager helped us arrange our stuff for the two days. And its a bargain. After that we headed out to the local streets to do some shopping. We bought silk, Yak wool blankies, a scarf, and Anna got some hand made paper in the most beautiful colours. While buying material, we bumped into a gent, who immediately picked up I had an afrikaans accent. This surprised me as most peopole who lives in south africa cant even pick it up.


After this, we had dinner and headed back to the hotel. We are rather tired as we have basically traveled the last 30 odd hours. Tomorrow morning we get a sleep in, buying some stuff from a local bakery and then we will head off to the hills to do some hiking and sight seeing.


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