We started off our day by performing at a local school where Thomas used to teach. This meant we could sleep a bit later than normally. The concert was rather cute with a bunch of kids coming and cuddling with us. Most of them were under the age of 7.


To thank us for this the school took us to a magnificent restaurant where we had dumplings and other things I didnt recognize. I must say Ive learnt on this tour that fruit I saw on our fruit names chart when I was a little snot nosed bugger were actually very tasty. Ive had Star fruit and dragon fruit and both were very tasty. Pity we cant get them in Durban.


We went to a mall which we thought was a market, Had to buy gifts there for the Chaperones. This turned out to be a more difficult task than anticipated. So we ended up getting the tea and liqour. We got our own Dragon lady some dragon wine. Brett and I thought it was perhaps not enough as she did so much for the tour that when we arrived back at the hotel I dashed off to a market about 2km away, Where I saw lots of brillaint things, but couldnt find people who could converse in English there. So I finally found her a Dragon teapot. I decided that it was unfair that Brett was left out from the gifts as a chaperone gifts, I decided to buy him a bottle of local booze. He was not impressed that I pulled a fast one on him, but I think he deserves the credit.

After Dinner a couple of us went out to go get some beers and food. Di and I craved some Oysters, so we had the most bloody expencive oysters Ive ever eaten. At R70 a pop they were worth it however. We went back to the hotel by cab and and to round up the little buggers as they were running amock. And we know they all just went back to the rooms they were making amock in when we left, but hey, Both Di and I were over it pretty darn quickly.

The next morning we got up at 9, packed, and took the bus to the Border. This was a bigger schlep than anticipated as it meant we literally had to walk across the border. Take a shuttle to the next border post, And then take a shuttle to the bus area. We waited there for about 30 minutes before we realised that the busses would come too late for Anna and I, so we had an emotional goodbye as we thought we would still be able to see everyone at the airport. Im going to miss my little minions. Even though they could be real pains in the bums (or ears in the case of Vasti with her ear infection :-p ). I made some nice new friends on the tour. Vasti dug her way into my heart, and I learnt that Chloe is actually an amazingly interesting girl. Sucks that she is going to capetown to study.

We were both surprised at how pretty hongkong actually is. It reminded us quite a bit of Capetown with all the mountains. It was quite strange seeing the runway end with a boat anchored there hahaha.


Anna and I are now sitting  at the gate for our flight. We are flying via Mumbai, so we will be arriving in the early hours of the day there. We will be in Nepal by lunch time tomorrow.

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