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7Jan 14

Today was a mix of touring and Concerting.

We started off by going driving to Mr Lees office, Where he gave us a tour and had a delicious lunch. His office is well suited to being a modern day Media company. It has a small recording studio, All the latest and greatest technology, and a brillaiant canteen. There was a memorial to Nelson Mandela, and Mr D. People got a bit emotional over both.


We then headed over to a local school. It was humoungous. It caters for near 3000 students. they have everything from an outdoor gym, Concert hall, Humoungous library, and astro sports field. Almost all the students board there. So its pretty much a small city on its own.


After that we made the slow trek towards the TV studio where we would perform our biggest concert of the tour. It would be viewed  by 800 odd people and televised to another 30 million in the local area. This concert was a big stress to everyone due to the fact that it was televised live. But we made it and it was a roaring success. People loved it, got emotional.


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