SightSeeing in Guangzhou

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7Jan 14

So today was our sightseeing day in Guangzhou

We started off by going to the tomb of an old emporer of China. Was fairly interesting looking at some of their artifacts. But nothing to write home  about (well I guess I am writing home right now, but you know what I mean). Outside we had some chinese roasted chestnuts which were interesting.


From there we went to a Temple, which got converted to an academy during the Chinese cutural revolution where they tried to destroy other beliefs. The building had quite a few intricate instruments that fascinated chloe, so much so that she wanted to buy a whole set. Thankfully when she came back to the store she decided to buy only one :-)


We then had lunch at a 5 diamond restaurant on a small lake. It was very flavourfull. They did this strange jelly block that had nut flavoruing in it and caremelized sugars. The venue was rather pretty.


We then headed over to the most beautiful Gardens. They had roses coming out of our ears. Vasti and I were in heaven. We ran around like little kids taking photos of all the roses we were fascinated by. They had midnight roses (ones Kirsty used to adore). Beautiful big bulbs. Soul was happy. And it was nice to see someone else going apeshit about them too.


We then headed over to an art gallery where I opted to go to a coffee shop as I was a bit pooped. This was a quaint little shop in the middle of an island on the river. Trees surrounding it and skyscrapers behind it.


We had dinner on a party boat. Dinner wasnt something to write home about but the experience was nice. Was a great view of the city.

When we got home, we were told that the one guy who was ill this morning needed to get food. Sigh. So we had to take him to macdonalds, as he slept the whole day. So Di, Charty, him and me went over to Macdonalds, and I decided to get a bit of fake beef.

When we got home we had to round everyone up to get to bed as people were still faffing around and tomorrow is our biggest concert which will be aired live to 30 million people by our host Mr Lee. After we rounded people up we discovered some kids were not in their rooms and had to track them down too, which then means I found someone with an infected earring and had to clean that up with some alcohol and a needle.

We ended off the night with a brandy and coke in our room, while watching a bit of dispicable me on TV in chinese.

We have reached the point of the tour where people are starting to get a bit irritable with people. Some of my girls are a bit unhappy with gossiping happening, and all I can do is explain to her that these people are just silly. I wish I could keep them all happy. They work so hard, all they deserve is to enjoy this tour to its fullest.

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