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4Jan 14

So today was our first day in Guanzhou. We had two concerts.

The first was at the Guangzhou museum. It was the opening of an african exhibition. The local school we played against also played there, but they were more like small ensembles than the bigger group. After that the local school kids gave  us a tour of the Museum. I missed most of this, as the first local I spoke to was a horn player, even though he didnt have a horn in his hand, horn players seem to find each other first :-). So We spent chatting about the music we played the whole way through, then we reached the end and I was like, uhm, whoops :-)


We then had a stop at the local Opera house. This place was a huge  glass building, which looked like a gigantic spaceship. They had their new year season advertised there and they had 3 of the worlds best conductors there, with a couple of great orchestras, Carmen, Jose Carreras. It was silly even. The architecture is much different to the previous places we have stayed at. Everything is a lot more modern.  Yet with a nice chinese feel.


We then headed off to the next school where we had chinese fast food. Which consisted of Port Skin, Chicken soup, Vegies and rice. Was not bad, but the pork skin was very rich and fatty. We had a bit of a break time before the next concert started. This was the signing of the sister school agreement. Lots of big wigs, including our MEC of arts and culture. This was followed by us playing Armenian dances, Africa and Sky way, The chinese school played two pieces, and then we played jasmin flower together. We had 8 horns in total which was kewl. As some of you might know, my eyes dont blink in sync always. So at one point during the concert I found that my eyes met a girls in the audience. And then I noticed shortly after that she was winking at me.  uhm, whoops :-p


We had dinner at the school. Which consisted of Lets call them riblets, chicken wings, spicey duck, and some veg. We spent this time chatting to the locals, and getting some chill time.

The evening was free,which was brilliant as Charty arrived tonight. It was brilliant seeing her tonight. Ive missed her since she moved to china so that she can teach english. We had a walk down a local street looking for a bar or something similar.

But after failing to do that we turned back and stopped at macdonalds. I had a Pineapple pie. Was rather interesting. Tasty even. We met up with some other band people and had a pint or two, before walking her back to her hotel. I think we might have

some problem, as some of the band guys asked who she was with great smiles on their faces, So they might start flirting. Sig


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